Introducing Miracle fry oil filter powder

Miracle is new generation magnesium silicate filter powder.


Miracle Fry Oil Powder is a superior collector of carbon and Free Fatty Acids. It also retains a high flow rate during filtration.

Miracle fry oil filter powder is a white, inert, free-flowing spray-dried powder. This powder is best in commercial food production.

At a magnification 500 microns, it has the appearance of medium-sized white pearls. The pearls have a thick coating and high absorbency and good carbon collection.

This powder is excellent for fast-food restaurants.

ACE Filters has had over 25 years' experience in liquid filtration

Using this experience, our goal has been to make a powder which is more absorbent, delivers excellent clarity, is faster-filtering, and offers better value for customers.

Miracle Fry Oil Powder is technically known as Synthetic Magnesium Silicate, Amorphous Hydrous:


Chemically, Miracle is similar to our competitor's product. However due to a difference in formula and particle size, Miracle offers far greater absorbency of acid (FFA) and moisture.

Watch Miracle fry oil filter powder in use

dirty oil

All Miracle Powders have a 3 course level mix for enhanced flow rate, absorption ability and carbon collection.

Miracle Powder enhances the flow rate, allows carbon FFA’s to be captured in the powder cake.

With Miracle Powder, large carbon particles are left in the course mix. Medium carbon particles are left in the medium mix. Small carbon particles collect in fine mix.

competitor's powder

Competitor's powder: carbon of all sizes tends to collect on powder surface.

This blocks the surface penetration, slowing down the absorption rate

The ALS ConsulChem results, which are detailed in Miracle: Why it’s a Better Product, show that Miracle Powder delivers:

  1. Enhanced flow rate, 10% - 15% greater (therefore reduced operator time)
  2. Reduced impact on fryer pump and future maintenance
  3. Reduced powder cake density. This is an advantage for older pumps which are unable to handle the flow rate of other finer powders
  4. Acid (FFA) absorption ability up to 25% - 30% greater
  5. Carbon collection up to 10% greater

Comparison of powder grades (sieve size)

As each Miracle Powder particle is larger, its ability to absorb FFA’s is greater

Due to the powder wall thickness, FFA’s are more readily absorbed deep into the powder cake.

A short video showing operations at our factory in The Netherlands